Bethany Mennonite Church

A place to belong and grow in faith

“Welcome here.
Regardless of who you are,

or where you’ve been,
you are here now,
and we are glad you came.”


This week at Bethany


What is a Christian? And what does that word even mean, and what does Christianity look like? For Mennonites being a Christian means following Christ’s teachings and instructions in our daily life. We believe that his death and his resurrection have given us a new life in him, and that this life is something that can be seen by others.  Our faith should be seen and out in the open.  

Christ’s church (his followers; not a building or institution) Christ’s church can be seen. They are a forgiven people and that freedom from sin can and should be seen in gratitude and freedom; They are a loving people who are first of all loved by God, and their love for God, neighbours, others, even enemies can and should be seen as they love and try to love as Jesus loved them.  They are a called people, called to live out God’s heart for justice and mercy as he reconciles the world to himself, and that living out of God’s heart is something that can and should be seen. 

Being a Christian means that we follow Jesus Christ Out in the Open.

Bethany Mennonite Church is an intergenerational
congregation where we aim to be a place
to belong and grow in faith.

We focus on ministry to younger generations,
while continuing to value the ministry of and to seniors.


We love to laugh, celebrate and eat together.
We like to spend time together and do acts of service.
We’ll cry together when the time comes.

That’s us in a nutshell.